Should I Be Listening To This?

I found this video of these young girls discussing their feelings towards Lil’ Wayne through song.  After watching the video, I decided to read some of the comments. Many of the comments stated that the little girls should not even be listening to Lil Wayne and that they are too young. While that may be true, realistically speaking it is easier for children to access these songs and guess what?! They play this stuff on the radio, so it is not that easy to escape it. Instead of making the excuse of saying these children should not be listening to this music; maybe we should be focusing on should this lyrical content be over-flooding our radio waves?  Instead of quickly dismissing the fact that they are listening to this, maybe we should think about what we are listening to.  I am guilty of sometimes getting caught up in listening to songs because the beat is very appealing.  But I also make it an effort to listen to what is being said in a lot of these songs.  At this point all I can do is commend these young girls parents for educating them on their self-worth and instilling strong values.  So next time you are asking why these young children are listening to this music, maybe instead we should be asking ourselves why we are.


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I love many things. I am a music lover, dancer, gadget lover and budding social media marketer. Hope you enjoy me sharing my everyday thoughts while tying in commercials or songs. I look forward to hearing all of your input! Have an awesome day!

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