Stop It Samsung!

Samsung, ever since I found out that you would be releasing a Samsung Galaxy Player in North America, I have been very excited.  I read as many articles as possible to find out when these products would be released, but all you did to garner interest and anticipation was tell us (the audience) that it would be released in Spring.  Well here it is June 8th, 2o11, Spring is coming to an end.  So help me!!! If this product is not released before the 20th I am going to lose my patience.  I wanted this product sooo badly that I even went on the Korean sites that shipped to Canada to see if they had the product.  Lo and behold they do, but alas, I was disappointed with the price point.  If I bought them from the site, I would have to pay about $500 and that was not including shipping fees. I hope this is not the amount they plan to charge when they actually release it in North America because they have to realize that they are competing against the Ipod Touch.  The Ipod Touch 8G retails at approximately $250 and the 32G is retailed at approximately $320; if the Samsung Galaxy Player which is available in 8G and can expanded to 16G with the help of an SD Memory card is retailing at $500+…we have a problem.

There is a market for these products, so I hope Samsung is smart about their pricing and advertisements.  I, for one am getting really anxious with when the release date will arrive.  I personally love Samsung products and want them to stop toying with my emotions and release this product already!!!  But I will be disappointed if they are not smart about the pricing of their products.  I am giving their Marketing team the benefit of the doubt that they know what price point they should aim for (please do not let me down).


UPDATE:  So I just went on a site and the 8G may be retailing at $270, although it is a little more than the Ipod Touch, it is still a reasonable deal.  I wish I did not have to buy an SD card though to expand the memory.  I may wait and see what other ones they release down the road. Ahhh this just made me a little more excited.  Well please enjoy a video of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5.  Take care!


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