Let Me Double Check

I do not claim to be the best writer around, but I try to make it an effort to proofread my work before I publish it.  Spell check will not always bail you out, you need to reread your articles before you share them.  I am a sucker for reading comments after posts and some of the spelling concerns me.  The comments alone do not concern me but sometimes  the spelling of the articles do (not always of course).  I see some of these PAID bloggers making these mistakes and wonder if anyone proofreads their articles beforehand.  Give me some of your money, I will gladly proofread your articles for you (hint, hint).  I understand you are human and we all make mistakes, but here are some of the things that I have seen posted on various blogs.  And also in my everyday conversations via text message.

  • Definately= Definitely
  • Congradulations= Congratulations
  • Loose= when they really mean lose
  • Chose= when they really mean choose or vice versa
  • Irregardless=…..IT’S NOT A WORD!!!
  • Their, there, they’re= improper use of each one (they all mean different things!)
  • Conversate= AGAIN…NOT A REAL WORD

I have a great appreciation for CBC’s online posts because there is a section where you can report typos (don’t judge me because I know of this).  I think all blog posts should have this.  We should all be helping each other out when it comes to spelling, just don’t be a jerk about it. I know I am not perfect and I too make mistakes.  But I refuse to use these non words “irregardless” and “conversate” because THEY ARE NOT REAL WORDS!!! (Side note: why isn’t spell check trying to correct the non word “irregardless”? I am officially worried!).  That is the end of my rant, thank you for reading, here is a video on proofreading.  Enjoy!

About Thoughtfulnessa

I love many things. I am a music lover, dancer, gadget lover and budding social media marketer. Hope you enjoy me sharing my everyday thoughts while tying in commercials or songs. I look forward to hearing all of your input! Have an awesome day!

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