You Remind Me Of…

Ok, I am going to be honest, I have been really bad with posting lately.  Anyway, the Google Glasses have been everywhere! I’m going to be honest, I am slightly intrigued and I would probably use them.  I am directionally challenged and am always getting lost.  I don’t think I would wear those glasses all day because I would need a break from being so connected, but I would definitely use them for when I get lost.  Aside from why I would use these interesting glasses, they remind me of Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge’s glasses(don’t act like you weren’t thinking it too!)  Well here is the video of what the glasses are supposed to do.  Enjoy and have a great week!

*Ok it’s not the exact same thing, but come on….


About Thoughtfulnessa

I love many things. I am a music lover, dancer, gadget lover and budding social media marketer. Hope you enjoy me sharing my everyday thoughts while tying in commercials or songs. I look forward to hearing all of your input! Have an awesome day!

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