Music Monday : José González

José González is an indie folk singer-songwriter as well as a talented guitarist from Gothenburg, Sweden.  His style of music is very simplistic in the sense that he has a very organic sound.  When listening to his songs, the music is never over powered by synthesized instruments.  I was first introduced to his music about four or five years ago while I was doing some late night channel surfing and I heard this hypnotic voice.  I find his delivery to be very nonchalant but still evokes a lot of emotion.  As I was intrigued by his voice I had to do further research and look up all the music I could find from him.  This one song, I have already done a post on, but I genuinely love this song SO MUCH, I had to write about it again.

Before I begin gushing about my love for this particular song, I failed to mention that the first song I heard from him was called Crosses.  Not only was it his delivery that caught my attention, but I think it was also the fact that the song is almost like a teaser. It is not that long, so it has you continuously coming back for more.  BUT the song that pulled at my heart strings was Put Your Hand On Your Heart.  Some of you may know this song since it is a Kylie Minogue song, but his delivery breathes new life into it and I love every second of it.  The way he sings it, you truly hear the lyrics and how heartbreaking they really are.  I hope you enjoy his music, just take it in!


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I love many things. I am a music lover, dancer, gadget lover and budding social media marketer. Hope you enjoy me sharing my everyday thoughts while tying in commercials or songs. I look forward to hearing all of your input! Have an awesome day!

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