Music Monday: Shi Wisdom

Hello my beauties! I hope everyone is doing well.  Today’s Music Monday feature is Shi Wisdom.  My friends, if you have not heard this beautiful voice, let me put you on right now. She hails from Toronto, Canada. This soulful songstress is not only a vocal powerhouse, but she can also write.  The first time I heard her song “LoveSpeak”  I needed to find out who she was and from then on, I have not been disappointed.   Her songs have the ability to take you on an emotional ride and I believe good music should be able to evoke emotion.  While listening to her music, it is apparent that she has no issue with being an open book, but she is also very straight forward in her interviews.  I absolutely admire that.  The other thing that I admire is that her goal is not to become famous, rather, to be able to provide for herself through her music, whether it be writing, singing or performing.  I wish her all the best in her musical career because she really deserves it.  You can find all of her music on her website here. Happy Monday everyone!


About Thoughtfulnessa

I love many things. I am a music lover, dancer, gadget lover and budding social media marketer. Hope you enjoy me sharing my everyday thoughts while tying in commercials or songs. I look forward to hearing all of your input! Have an awesome day!

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