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Music Monday: Janelle Monae Yoga

I’m a few weeks late to the game in watching Janelle Monae’s latest video Yoga.  Before I even watched the video, I read countless comments about Janelle “selling out” and being too sexy.  I saw a few stills from the video and at no point did I see her as being “too sexy” (whatever that means).

When I finally watched the video, I still had the same sentiments, I did not find the video too sexy and I thought it was tastefully done.  But then it had me thinking how as a woman sometimes people expect you to be respectable but then it is seen as terrifying to showcase any drop of sensuality.  When she first came out all she wore were suits and I had no issue with it.  Then once in a while you would see her in a dress and people would freak out and say she was showing a different style which is true. But no reason to question if her intentions and message have changed.  With this new video, she is just showing another side of herself and even in this video I think she still holds her self to an image that young ladies can look up to and all women can identify with.

It’s almost as though people forget that artists in the spotlight are people too and have different sides to their personality. If that’s where they are at that moment creatively let them have that time! If you don’t like it then so be it, you can go back and reminisce about them back in the day.  Shoot, point of the story is that I personally do not find the video to be that sexy. Have a look and tell me your thoughts!


Glow Fair Festival

This past weekend Ottawa hosted its first Glow Fair Festival.  A few blocks of Bank st. were shut down in order to hold multiple local musical acts and activities for the children.   They had Judith Hill as their closing act for the festival and I am slightly heartbroken I did not get to see her.  This year, I was unable to experience majority of the festival, but I was able to check out a few performances.  I hope to be able to experience more of the festival next year.  

I have to say Glow Fair did a good job in terms of informing the general public about the event.   They had huge posters around the city and I was able to find them in social media.   As I said before, I am excited to see what they have in store for next year.

The Legend of Korra BOOK 3: CHANGE Premieres June 27th!

Sooooo this happened today.  The trailer for Book 3 called Change came out today.  I am so excited for the upcoming season because I have been loving the series thus far.  The only issue is, there is no release date.  Until I find out, I will be patiently waiting! Yaaay!

Update: the date has been released and the premiere is Friday, June 27th at 7pm!!!!


After much speculation that the Boondocks were coming back, I was extremely excited when there was an actual release date confirmed.  Unfortunately, I do not have Amercian Cartoon Network, so I had to stream the episode.  As excited as I was for the release of the new season, I was also hesitant because a large part of the show was no longer going to be involved; the creator Aaron McGruder was no longer involved in the last season of the Boondocks.  Although he was no longer a part of the project, I figured I would still give the new season a chance.  I watched the first episode today and as I was watching it, you could tell that McGruder’s voice was no longer being captured at least in this episode.  BUT! We still have a whole season to go.

The season premiere was about an R&B singer that goes by the name Pretty Boy Flizzy, which happens to be a loose interpretation of Chris “BREEZY” Brown. I thought they could have done so much more with the character.  What I always liked about McGruder’s voice was that he was never one to hold back when it came to societal and cultural commentary.  In this episode, I felt as though they briefly touched on it.  Like I said, there is still a whole season ahead and we will see what happens.  If you watched the season premiere, what were your thoughts?  I would love to hear them!


Instagram Direct

Instagram has now added another feature to its ever evolving app.  Instead of posting pictures for everyone to see, you can now send pictures and videos directly to your friends.  Personally I think the whole reason people use Instagram is for the public sharing aspect.  But I am sure if there is something you really want your friend to see, then this comes in handy.

It almost seems as though this new feature is competing with SnapChat.  I am sure that in time I will use this new feature, but for now I am still on the fence. Let me know what your thoughts are about the new feature.

MySpace The Comeback Kid of 2014?

I was reading an article on about the hottest social media sites in 2014.  Obviously your usual contenders, Twitter, Vine and Pinterest were mentioned.  I was not surprised about the mention of SnapChat being a contender in the upcoming year considering its continued rise to popularity.  If you were not aware, Facebook tried to buy SnapChat for 3 BILLION dollars, but they turned them down.  Obviously they see an opportunity with this app and I am excited to see what is to come in regards to Snapchat.

I am not surprised those sites were mentioned because majority of smartphone users have either used these apps or heard of them.  I was a little shocked when I read that MySpace is a site that we should look out for in 2014.  Considering everyone looks at MySpace like that cousin you just ignore because they never have anything relevant to say and they are just there.  They did try to relaunch with the help of Justin Timberlake since he has a share in MySpace.  The buzz was very short lived and then you did not hear about MySpace that much after that.  “MySpace went through several makeovers and with its new iPhone app that allows consumers to connect with others, share private messages and enjoy a customized and personalized radio station tailored to suit their taste – MySpace is ready to compete in 2014.”-Mark Scott, Doc Marketing 

It is hard to say whether this will work out for them, but I will definitely keep an eye out for the once popular musical hub.  What are your thoughts? Will you be checking out the new MySpace?

The original article can be found here.

Instagram for Windows Phone Now Available!

Windows phone users rejoice! According to Instagram’s blog you can now use Instagram on your phone.  Enjoy!

Life/Fashion Update

Hey there people! I am the worst at promoting myself but last month, I got to go to KellyRay’s Boutique’s grand opening on behalf of If you are not familiar with their blog, they are one of Ottawa’s most influential fashion blogs.  This was my first time attending something as a “guest blogger” and it was a nice experience.  For those of you in Ottawa or visiting, I would say check it out, for a boutique the prices are reasonable.  This means a lot considering I love thrift shopping and a good sale.  It obviously was not thrift store cheap, but the items were unique enough that I had not seen them in other stores and would be willing to pay depending on the item.  If I want to treat myself and I can justify the purchase, I will definitely go back.  I bought myself a loose fitting cardigan for $60 (I know that is a bit much) but I had been looking for a cardigan like this for years, and I was not successful in my search until that day.  That was just a quick life/fashion update for all of you lovely folks.  More posts will be on their way!  Here is the blog post,click here. kelly-ray-boutique-opening

Instagram Video

Yes my friends, you have heard right! Instagram will now have a video feature.  CEO and Co-Founder, Kevin Systrom recently announced that you will be able to make 15 second videos, compared to Vine’s 6 seconds.  Clearly they had to put their Instagram touch and offer 13 custom filters.  You can also choose your desired cover frame to make the video more appealing to click on.  They have introduced a new technology by the name of “Cinema” to help stabilize your video footage.

As an Android user, I am extremely excited that they have offered it for Android 4.0 as well.  Unlike Vine, I do not have to wait months later for an app that still cannot use properly.  Don’t get me wrong I understand that bugs happen, but that is another post.  Either way, I am excited to try this new app.  What are your thoughts on Instagram video?

How DeVINE…..

As many of you know, the world of social media is continuously growing.  The newest kid on the block released by Twitter is called Vine. It is the Instagram of videos; it enables you to post cute little videos and share it with your friends and family.  As of lately, I have been trying to become an early adopter, but with this one there are too many bugs, so I will wait aaaand it is not available to Droids either (that’s really why I haven’t tried it).  Likeable wrote a well rounded piece on the new social media tool.  Click here and enjoy