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Hello Stranger!

I have not been on this site in years, but I’m in a writing mood. Do I have anything of value to say…no, no I don’t. Just thought I would check in, see how you’re doing and how life is treating you. Maybe I’ll come back with a plan, or maybe I won’t. K, byeeee!


Music Monday: Janet Jackson Has New Music!!!

No, your eyes did not deceive you my friends!   After a seven year hiatus Janet Jackson has released new music.  I am extremely excited for this and to be honest, I love the feel of the song.  It reminds me of a nice warm summer night with a cool breeze.  It just sounds so smooth and makes you want to two step with that special someone.

So not only did she release a new song, but she will be going on tour as well (whaaaaat).  I have yet to see her in concert and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do so.  For now, just enjoy the smooth sounds of Janet Jackson’s “No Sleep”.

Music Monday: Janelle Monae Yoga

I’m a few weeks late to the game in watching Janelle Monae’s latest video Yoga.  Before I even watched the video, I read countless comments about Janelle “selling out” and being too sexy.  I saw a few stills from the video and at no point did I see her as being “too sexy” (whatever that means).

When I finally watched the video, I still had the same sentiments, I did not find the video too sexy and I thought it was tastefully done.  But then it had me thinking how as a woman sometimes people expect you to be respectable but then it is seen as terrifying to showcase any drop of sensuality.  When she first came out all she wore were suits and I had no issue with it.  Then once in a while you would see her in a dress and people would freak out and say she was showing a different style which is true. But no reason to question if her intentions and message have changed.  With this new video, she is just showing another side of herself and even in this video I think she still holds her self to an image that young ladies can look up to and all women can identify with.

It’s almost as though people forget that artists in the spotlight are people too and have different sides to their personality. If that’s where they are at that moment creatively let them have that time! If you don’t like it then so be it, you can go back and reminisce about them back in the day.  Shoot, point of the story is that I personally do not find the video to be that sexy. Have a look and tell me your thoughts!

Music Monday: D’Angelo Black Messiah

The day has finally come people! D’Angelo actually released an album! So far, I like what I hear and I better after having to wait this long, shoooot.

It is what you would expect from him, funky, soulful sounds with mesmerizing vocals. If you’re a fan of his work or unfamiliar, I would say get acquainted.


Tuney Tuesday: 702 Get It Together

I was talking to someone the other day and I said, “get it together.”  As soon as I finished saying that, I immediately thought of the song “Get It Together” by 702.  I know that I am not the only one that does song association.

I am not going to lie, I really miss R&B groups (like really talented ones) being a trend.  If there are any groups that you are really enjoying at the moment, feel free to share! Enjoy!


The Cathedral Mixtape

Javotti Media, is an independent label that Talib Kweli established in 2012.  He released a mixtape today called The Cathedral.  If you are looking for some more hip hop and being introduced to some singers you may not have been familiar with, check it out!  I am in the midst of listening to it right now and so far, I am enjoying it!  You can listen to the full mixtape below:

Tuney Tuesday: Chris Garcia- Chutney Bacchanal

I realized that I have not been writing about all of my musical exposures, but I will do my best in time.  This recent post will touch more on my Caribbean upbringing.  My parents are from Guyana which happens to be located in South America.  It is surprising how many people have not heard of it, but that is besides the point.  Growing up in a Guyanese household and going to all of the house parties, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Reggae, Dancehall, Calypso, Soca and Chutney music.

When I make an effort to explain Chutney music to my friends, I tell them that it is a mixture of Soca music and Indian music.  I know that is fairly vague, but that is usually the best way that I can explain it.  I recently read up on Chutney music and did not realize that originally it was more of a religious music.  In terms of my exposure, the type of chutney music I was exposed to was mainly party songs.  One of the many songs that was a party favorite and will always be one of my favorites is Chris Garcia’s, Chutney Bacchanal.  This song gets me every time.  Hopefully you will enjoy it and I will definitely post another one of my favorite Chutney songs.  Enjoy!

Lady In Red

As soon as you saw the title, you probably thought of the 80′s hit sung by Chris DeBurgh.  In actuality, there was an article on Huffington Post about the neurological reaction men and women have towards the colour red when worn.  The read was somewhat interesting by my mind really went straight to the song.  So here it is! Happy Friday 🙂

The Voice of the Trees by Bartholomaus Traubeck

I know this video has been around for a while,  but I finally took the time to watch it.  A new type of record player was designed to read the lines in tree slices and produce music.  With the technology, you can choose which instrument you would like to use and the piano was chosen for this specific piece.  The outcome is hauntingly beautiful. Enjoy 🙂

Tuney Tuesday: DeBarge

It is barely Tuesday where I am, but I wanted to leave you with this feel good song of the day! Take care and have a great week!