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Music Monday: D’Angelo Black Messiah

The day has finally come people! D’Angelo actually released an album! So far, I like what I hear and I better after having to wait this long, shoooot.

It is what you would expect from him, funky, soulful sounds with mesmerizing vocals. If you’re a fan of his work or unfamiliar, I would say get acquainted.



Tuney Tuesday: DeBarge

It is barely Tuesday where I am, but I wanted to leave you with this feel good song of the day! Take care and have a great week!

Music Monday: Hall and Oates

Hall & Oates also known as Daryl Hall and John Oates are a musical group that formed in the 1970’s, they have that “pop wave” sound with a hint funky soul.  They have a lot of classics, but in terms of popular hits, I would have to say this one is in the top for me.  If I’m around friends, there are times I casually insert the chorus into our conversations if applicable.  I am a huge fan of song association when speaking to people….that I’m comfortable around (not always recommended).  Enjoy!


Can we just appreciate Oates’ mustache?!

Music Monday: Square Biz

It’s one of those songs that gets you moving every time! Happy dancing!

Music Monday: Darryl Reeves

I cannot believe it is already Monday! Where did the weekend go? Well you guys already know the deal or maybe you do not.  Either way, it is MUSIC MONDAAAYYYY!!! Today’s  musician is a saxophonist who hails from Atlanta, GA who goes by the name of Darryl Reeves.  He was another Twitter discovery for me, I am telling you Twitter is a musical gem.  He seamlessly fuses  jazz, funk and soul; yes I am aware that I have been covering a lot of funky jazz artists.  I promise I listen to other stuff as well, eventually I will get to it.  But seriously, this man is so talented after I heard him play, aside from Kenneth Whallum III, he makes me want to step my sax game up.  Personally, when I listen to some of his beats you can hear that Southern influence.  You cannot help but get lost in the smoothness of each instrument, if you are one of those people that need music to help you focus; I find his Mercury album does the trick.  I press play and I get in the zone (I am listening to it right now).  As I go through the Mercury album it comes to no surprise that he has worked with Phonte (formerly of  Little Brother) their sounds are very similar and meld nicely.  I also think his sound would work nicely with André 3000, let us hope that happens in the future.  For the time being I need his cd in my life.  Now I will let his music do the talking.  Enjoy!

Music Monday: Ikebe Shakedown and SoulJazz Orchestra Recap

I think I am going to start writing a weekly segment called “Music Monday.”  I have discovered a lot of great music and I just recently went to an awesome concert and thought I would share my experience.  This past Thursday I went to the SoulJazz Orchestra concert.  Ikebe Shakedown opened for them and I must say they were amazing.  They are a Brooklyn-based group that plays a fusion of funky soul grooves, with an afro-inspired sound.  The first thing I noticed when I was listening to them was that the sound of their horns were so crisp!  I was not familiar with who they were beforehand, but I am definitely a new fan and will be getting all of their music.  They had a great energy and definitely had the audience moving and grooving.  After they were finished there was a DJ (I am sorry I forgot his name) that had the people jamming and shaking their good foot.  Then the Ottawa-based SoulJazz Orchestra came on stage and people were losing their minds.  I have to admit that their energy was awesome, you could not help but move as the drums and horns were being played.  You can clearly hear all of the different musical influences when they are playing (afro, jazz, latin, caribbean and soul). They finished with their high energy Tanbou Lou and had everyone clapping and chanting along to the beats.  Everyone could not stop clapping and yelled for more, so fittingly they played an encore.  All in all I had a great experience considering this was my first time really hearing both of these groups.  I will definitely be following up with their musical endeavors and I will keep you all posted.

If you are wondering how I even found out about them, it was through the power of outdoor posters.  I was walking down the street one day and I saw a poster with the words “SoulJazz Orchestra.”  Now, I am a fan of soul, jazz and classical music (I associate orchestra with classical music), so this poster caught my attention. Once I kept on reading the information I definitely decided I wanted to check out this band.  They did not disappoint.  Remember people, sharing is caring.  I would love for you guys to send me some music you think I should listen to! Have a great week!

Enjoy some live footage:

Ikebe Shakedown

SoulJazz Orchestra