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The Cathedral Mixtape

Javotti Media, is an independent label that Talib Kweli established in 2012.  He released a mixtape today called The Cathedral.  If you are looking for some more hip hop and being introduced to some singers you may not have been familiar with, check it out!  I am in the midst of listening to it right now and so far, I am enjoying it!  You can listen to the full mixtape below:


TED Talks Mark Ronson

I actually really enjoy this talk.  He gives a great cultural perspective of sampling and the importance behind it.  Have a watch here.




Game of Thrones Mixtape?

You read that correctly.  On March 11 via Soundcloud a hip hop/ reggaeton mixtape based on the HBO show Game of Thrones will be released for public enjoyment called “Catch The Throne”.  The real reason they are doing this mixtape is to target a new audience.  It will be interesting to see if this will change anyone’s watching habits.  You can also checkout Billboard’s article on the mixtape and listen to Wale’s track, “King Slayer”.  I am not really a fan of the song, but I will definitely listen to the instrumental. Have a look and listen here.  Will you download the mixtape?  I personally think I will because I am curious to hear what Common and Big Boi have to offer.  Would love to hear your thoughts!

And woo to this being my 100th post!  Sorry it was not more monumental.

Music Monday: Bar and Tones featuring Soru and T H E U N K W N

Many people tend to think that Ottawa is a boring scene, but like any other city, you need to find the right people and they will point you in the right direction.  I have been lucky enough to find people that are interested in the local music scene and because of that I am exposed to more and more talent.  Last week, I was lucky enough to catch Soru’s first live performance, an artist that goes by the name T H E   U N K W N  and the head liners were Bars and Tone.  The two opening acts were R&B singers who write their own original material and I have to say I love to see these intimate performances because the only thing you end up focusing on is their talent and they are extremely talented.  Bars and Tone were definitely a high energy hip hop group with some alternative elements mixed in there.  I appreciated the fact that they did not take themselves too seriously and had a sense of humour while performing.  The only downfall with the performances had nothing to do with their talents, unfortunately the sound was a little wonky, but I still enjoyed everything except for one girl’s overzealous cry or I should say shriek that occurred throughout the night.  If you would like to hear some of their music or see what they are up to you can find them in the following links:



Bars and Tones


“Reunited and it feels so good!” Outkast is reuniting and headlining Coachella 2014.  Part of me does not want to get too excited because this was said by Sleepy Brown (Dungeon Family).  But if this is the truth, that is amazing.  I have been a longtime fan of Outkast and like many others, we would love to hear some new music as well as see them perform.  I will keep my ear out for anymore information.  Hopefully this is not a lie.

Music Monday: Black Milk

Black Milk also known as Curtis Cross is an MC and music producer who hails from Detroit, Michigan.  He released a new album by the name of “No Poison No Paradise” on October 15th.  My friend was  playing the album  and I asked myself, “why do I always forget how talented this man is!?”  I personally love the smooth vibes on the album.  His musical style is reminiscent of J Dilla’s, that smooth fusion of jazz and hip hop with a stirring kick. One of the stick out songs on his album for me was, Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst.  

I thought it was a relatable song for many of us “church kids”.  His transparency in this song really resonated with me.  

Another song that I really enjoyed was Sonny Jr.  Everything about this song is great in my books because Robert Glasper is on the keys, Dwele is lending his silky vocals to the song and Black Milk is on the drums.  The extremely mellow vibes makes for a great listen.

Music Monday: Shi Wisdom

Hello my beauties! I hope everyone is doing well.  Today’s Music Monday feature is Shi Wisdom.  My friends, if you have not heard this beautiful voice, let me put you on right now. She hails from Toronto, Canada. This soulful songstress is not only a vocal powerhouse, but she can also write.  The first time I heard her song “LoveSpeak”  I needed to find out who she was and from then on, I have not been disappointed.   Her songs have the ability to take you on an emotional ride and I believe good music should be able to evoke emotion.  While listening to her music, it is apparent that she has no issue with being an open book, but she is also very straight forward in her interviews.  I absolutely admire that.  The other thing that I admire is that her goal is not to become famous, rather, to be able to provide for herself through her music, whether it be writing, singing or performing.  I wish her all the best in her musical career because she really deserves it.  You can find all of her music on her website here. Happy Monday everyone!

Music Monday: Flying Lotus

Photo from

Photo from

When you first hear Flying Lotus, you probably think of martial arts or a flower.  But do not be mistaken my friend, Flying Lotus is a very talented producer and a sometime rapper that goes by the name of Captain Murphy.  Steven Ellison (that is his government name)  cannot be categorized, so people tend to say that he is a multi-genre artist.  If you HAD to categorize his music, you could just call it Experimental. You cannot deny his talent and if you look into his familial history, you will notice that he comes from a family of musical geniuses!  He is the grandnephew of the late jazz pianist Alice Coltrane and her husband saxophonist Johnny Coltrane (AMAZING!).  You cannot help but have a little bit of musical talent coming from a family connection like that.

One of his most recent collaborations has been with Cartoon Network (you read correctly!).  I should specify, he actually did music for Adventure Time (one of my guilty pleasures, don’t judge me!).  That sound is definitely not for everybody, but his collaboration with Erykah Badu is amazing!  Have a listen and I would love for all of you to share some musical suggestions.  Also if you are a musical artist please send me your stuff.  I am always looking for new music!

Music Monday: Tom Scott

“Today, I feel like pleasing you more than before.” Well not really haha. I know you already guessed that today’s Music Monday artist is the talented, saxophonist, composer, arranger, conductor and band leader of the L.A. Express, Tom Scott. Thanks to CL Smooth and Pete Rock’s T.R.O.Y. I discovered Tom Scott. After hearing that saxophone sample, I needed to find out who that song was by. I asked my Dj friends and unfortunately they were no help at all. But surprisingly Youtube came to the rescue. After I heard Tom Scott’s rendition of Today that is originally by Jefferson Airplane, I wanted more! Turns out that he did some work on the Starsky and Hutch song entitled “Gotcha” as well as his soprano sax fill for “Listen to What the Man Said” that was used for the show Wings.

He is an extremely talented artist and it would be awesome to see him and L.A. Express in concert. I wanted to do something different and show how I got to his music. Enjoy!

Music Monday: DJ Manipulator

This week’s Music Monday feature is someone that goes by the name of DJ Manipulator.  I had never heard of this guy until Twitter.  I love taking a chance and listening to most kinds of music (still reluctant to most Country and Heavy Metal), but will still listen. I took a look at his website and he sent me a song from his weekly segment “Manipulator Monday.”  Once I had a listen to Medicine, I needed more. This man knows the importance of honing your craft; because the mixtures of instruments and styles are seamless along with the “Boom Bap” adding that extra accent to all of his beats.  But not only do these beats showcase his mixing talent, they also showcase his love for different genres of music. If you are not really into Hip Hop, I still encourage you to try and listen to some of his beats.  He is a very talented man and I am glad I came across his music.  Hope you enjoy listening to his stuff and have a great week!!!