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Thoughtful Tuesday: After The Storm

A storm just passed and I couldn’t help but be memorized by the beautiful sky.

It then reminded me that in life we go through our own storms but we have to remember there is beauty after.  Have a great week 🙂



#TBT: Think Back Thursday

I am sure that many of you have seen the hashtag “throwback Thursday”.  To date, I have not participated in it and today is still not the day.  The reason I mentioned this is because I think it is a mixture of it being the beginning of a new Year and seeing the constant posts of people saying,”New year, new me” or “not looking back, moving forward.”  In terms of the second statement, I agree, but I also think it is good to think back to see how far you have come.  Do not dwell on the negative and do not dwell on what you did well.  Appreciate it, learn from it and continue to grow.  This was just a quick little thought.  Wishing you all a Happy New Year!