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Love My City

No matter where I go, I’ll always be proud of being from Ottawa❤.



Music Monday

I must admit I have been M.I.A. for the past few weeks.  I have been really busy with various events and have been missing my posts and on top of that my laptop decided to go on the fritz.  NOW I AM BACK!!!  Tonight’s Music Monday is Teedra Moses’, Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Remix).  I have been obsessed with this song since the first time I heard it.  But as of lately I cannot stop listening to it.  The bass gets me every time I listen to this song, but before I discovered this remix I always loved the original as well.  I find this song to be very relatable, who has not liked someone from afar and just wanted to be their significant other.  Here are both versions.  Enjoy!

I Have “Stumbled”

Many of you have probably noticed that little icon below, or beside many articles you read online that says, “StumbleUpon”.  I was aware of StumbleUpon, but never really explored it.  I finally gave into my curiosity….and I love it!  You choose your interests so for the most part most of the things you will stumble upon will peak your interest.  The only thing is you can definitely spend a lot of time “stumbling.”  For those of you that are interested in what the internet has to offer in terms of various blogs and what not;  I would definitely suggest StumpleUpon.  Happy stumbling!

Here is the link to the website, please keep in mind that they want you to sign up.  I’m pretty sure you can get around that if you are not ready to commit.