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Music Monday: Janet Jackson Has New Music!!!

No, your eyes did not deceive you my friends!   After a seven year hiatus Janet Jackson has released new music.  I am extremely excited for this and to be honest, I love the feel of the song.  It reminds me of a nice warm summer night with a cool breeze.  It just sounds so smooth and makes you want to two step with that special someone.

So not only did she release a new song, but she will be going on tour as well (whaaaaat).  I have yet to see her in concert and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do so.  For now, just enjoy the smooth sounds of Janet Jackson’s “No Sleep”.


Music Monday: Janelle Monae Yoga

I’m a few weeks late to the game in watching Janelle Monae’s latest video Yoga.  Before I even watched the video, I read countless comments about Janelle “selling out” and being too sexy.  I saw a few stills from the video and at no point did I see her as being “too sexy” (whatever that means).

When I finally watched the video, I still had the same sentiments, I did not find the video too sexy and I thought it was tastefully done.  But then it had me thinking how as a woman sometimes people expect you to be respectable but then it is seen as terrifying to showcase any drop of sensuality.  When she first came out all she wore were suits and I had no issue with it.  Then once in a while you would see her in a dress and people would freak out and say she was showing a different style which is true. But no reason to question if her intentions and message have changed.  With this new video, she is just showing another side of herself and even in this video I think she still holds her self to an image that young ladies can look up to and all women can identify with.

It’s almost as though people forget that artists in the spotlight are people too and have different sides to their personality. If that’s where they are at that moment creatively let them have that time! If you don’t like it then so be it, you can go back and reminisce about them back in the day.  Shoot, point of the story is that I personally do not find the video to be that sexy. Have a look and tell me your thoughts!

Music Monday: Carl Thomas

Do you have that one song that no matter when you hear it, you HAVE to sing along?  Well I do, it is Carl Thomas’ song Emotional.  It was so bad that I stopped playing it on my mp3 while in public.  I am not sure what it is about this song, but I have to sing along (I’m doing it right now) whenever I hear it.  Where is Carl Thomas by the way?  He released a song in 2011 I believe and it was called, “Don’t Kiss Me” but then I didn’t hear from him again.  As harsh as the title is, the song is actually really sweet.  Have a listen to that as well!  Enjoy and happy Monday!

Music Monday: Jon B

When I first heard of Jon B, I remember him continuously being compared to Babyface.  I must admit that I heard the similarities, but Jon B.  definitely stood on his own with his smooth vocals.  Have a listen and enjoy!   I also recommend you listen to his jam “Don’t Talk.”

Music Monday: Hall and Oates

Hall & Oates also known as Daryl Hall and John Oates are a musical group that formed in the 1970’s, they have that “pop wave” sound with a hint funky soul.  They have a lot of classics, but in terms of popular hits, I would have to say this one is in the top for me.  If I’m around friends, there are times I casually insert the chorus into our conversations if applicable.  I am a huge fan of song association when speaking to people….that I’m comfortable around (not always recommended).  Enjoy!


Can we just appreciate Oates’ mustache?!

Music Monday: Sango

I cannot remember my first experience hearing Sango, I think it may have been a remix he did of Drake’s, “From Time.”  But that is besides the point, once I heard his music I was intrigued because of the way he was able to seamlessly mix the song and invoke new emotion into the song.  I had to look for more and I was definitely very pleased with all that I found.

When I heard his music it was hard to categorize.  I have seen him categorized as “Alt-R&B”.  After reading one of his interview’s, here is what he had to say about categorizing his music,

“I’ll call it spiritual bass music.  It’s meant to bring you toward something.”-OkayPlayer Interview, 2014

I know that when I listen to his music, I actually find it very relaxing but I still want to dance.  I highly recommend you give this interview a read, it gives a little insight to who he is as an artist. You can click here.

Well here is one of his mixes that he did with Atu.


If you are looking for some of his other work, here is his digital album, Da Rocinha 2Definitely worth a listen, this album is heavily influenced by Brazilian, baile funk.  Have a great Monday and enjoy!

Music Monday: Jazzy Jeff feat Erro: Rock with You (Osunlade Mix)

Today I thought I would give you a nice soulful House remix to Dj Jazzy Jeff feat. Erro’s song Rock Wit U.  The remix was done by Osunlade and I absolutely love what he did with the song.  Every time I listen to it, I envision myself dancing on the beach.

If you are not familiar with Osunlade, he is an American musician and producer.  I highly recommend you look into his stuff if you are into “earthy, deep and entrancing beats.” For those of you that like deep soulful House, I definitely recommend you listen to some more of his stuff.  Happy Monday and enjoy!


Music Monday: Sam Cooke

Today’s choice was Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang”.  This song brings me back to my childhood and all of the house parties I would go to with my parents. This song was definitely one that would be played and we had no issue with it.  As children I think we really liked making the grunting sounds haha.  Just thought I would be nostalgic and share this song with you today.  Enjoy! If you would like to send me some song recommendations, I would absolutely appreciate it.

Music Monday: Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara are identical twins from Calgary, Alberta that sing indie rock/pop.  Their songs just make me want to jump around in happiness.  Enjoy!

Music Monday: Square Biz

It’s one of those songs that gets you moving every time! Happy dancing!