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Thoughtful Thursday: Mindful or Mind Full?


The other day my friend tagged me in this picture and it really made me think.  As someone that is in their head a lot, I can definitely relate to being “mind full” and not taking in the moment.  As of lately, this is something I have been working on.  I need to be more present in the moment and appreciate what is happening and not thinking about what I need to do next.  If you are an over-thinker, what are some things you do to clear your mind (meditation, etc.).


Thoughtful Thursday

The past few weeks have not been the greatest, but even through the trying times I do my best to look at things with a grateful heart.  I have been doing my best to put everything into perspective and realize that my situation could be a lot worse.  I have a lot of loving people surrounding me that are in good health and I am so happy for that.  Any time you are in a bad mood or just experience a series of bad events.  Try your best to always look at things with a grateful heart and reach out to your support systems.  Stay positive and remember that happiness is a choice.  Happy Thursday!