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Music Monday: Janet Jackson Has New Music!!!

No, your eyes did not deceive you my friends!   After a seven year hiatus Janet Jackson has released new music.  I am extremely excited for this and to be honest, I love the feel of the song.  It reminds me of a nice warm summer night with a cool breeze.  It just sounds so smooth and makes you want to two step with that special someone.

So not only did she release a new song, but she will be going on tour as well (whaaaaat).  I have yet to see her in concert and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do so.  For now, just enjoy the smooth sounds of Janet Jackson’s “No Sleep”.


Tuney Tuesday: 702 Get It Together

I was talking to someone the other day and I said, “get it together.”  As soon as I finished saying that, I immediately thought of the song “Get It Together” by 702.  I know that I am not the only one that does song association.

I am not going to lie, I really miss R&B groups (like really talented ones) being a trend.  If there are any groups that you are really enjoying at the moment, feel free to share! Enjoy!


The Cathedral Mixtape

Javotti Media, is an independent label that Talib Kweli established in 2012.  He released a mixtape today called The Cathedral.  If you are looking for some more hip hop and being introduced to some singers you may not have been familiar with, check it out!  I am in the midst of listening to it right now and so far, I am enjoying it!  You can listen to the full mixtape below:

Tuney Tuesday: DeBarge

It is barely Tuesday where I am, but I wanted to leave you with this feel good song of the day! Take care and have a great week!

Music Monday: Carl Thomas

Do you have that one song that no matter when you hear it, you HAVE to sing along?  Well I do, it is Carl Thomas’ song Emotional.  It was so bad that I stopped playing it on my mp3 while in public.  I am not sure what it is about this song, but I have to sing along (I’m doing it right now) whenever I hear it.  Where is Carl Thomas by the way?  He released a song in 2011 I believe and it was called, “Don’t Kiss Me” but then I didn’t hear from him again.  As harsh as the title is, the song is actually really sweet.  Have a listen to that as well!  Enjoy and happy Monday!

Music Monday: Jon B

When I first heard of Jon B, I remember him continuously being compared to Babyface.  I must admit that I heard the similarities, but Jon B.  definitely stood on his own with his smooth vocals.  Have a listen and enjoy!   I also recommend you listen to his jam “Don’t Talk.”

Music Monday: Sango

I cannot remember my first experience hearing Sango, I think it may have been a remix he did of Drake’s, “From Time.”  But that is besides the point, once I heard his music I was intrigued because of the way he was able to seamlessly mix the song and invoke new emotion into the song.  I had to look for more and I was definitely very pleased with all that I found.

When I heard his music it was hard to categorize.  I have seen him categorized as “Alt-R&B”.  After reading one of his interview’s, here is what he had to say about categorizing his music,

“I’ll call it spiritual bass music.  It’s meant to bring you toward something.”-OkayPlayer Interview, 2014

I know that when I listen to his music, I actually find it very relaxing but I still want to dance.  I highly recommend you give this interview a read, it gives a little insight to who he is as an artist. You can click here.

Well here is one of his mixes that he did with Atu.


If you are looking for some of his other work, here is his digital album, Da Rocinha 2Definitely worth a listen, this album is heavily influenced by Brazilian, baile funk.  Have a great Monday and enjoy!

Music Monday: Shi Wisdom

Hello my beauties! I hope everyone is doing well.  Today’s Music Monday feature is Shi Wisdom.  My friends, if you have not heard this beautiful voice, let me put you on right now. She hails from Toronto, Canada. This soulful songstress is not only a vocal powerhouse, but she can also write.  The first time I heard her song “LoveSpeak”  I needed to find out who she was and from then on, I have not been disappointed.   Her songs have the ability to take you on an emotional ride and I believe good music should be able to evoke emotion.  While listening to her music, it is apparent that she has no issue with being an open book, but she is also very straight forward in her interviews.  I absolutely admire that.  The other thing that I admire is that her goal is not to become famous, rather, to be able to provide for herself through her music, whether it be writing, singing or performing.  I wish her all the best in her musical career because she really deserves it.  You can find all of her music on her website here. Happy Monday everyone!