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Music Monday: D’Angelo Black Messiah

The day has finally come people! D’Angelo actually released an album! So far, I like what I hear and I better after having to wait this long, shoooot.

It is what you would expect from him, funky, soulful sounds with mesmerizing vocals. If you’re a fan of his work or unfamiliar, I would say get acquainted.



The Cathedral Mixtape

Javotti Media, is an independent label that Talib Kweli established in 2012.  He released a mixtape today called The Cathedral.  If you are looking for some more hip hop and being introduced to some singers you may not have been familiar with, check it out!  I am in the midst of listening to it right now and so far, I am enjoying it!  You can listen to the full mixtape below:

Bilal and Sa Ra

The reason why I am touching on this artist and group is because they covered the same song, but to me I feel like they both did such a good job that there isn’t a version I prefer over the other.  Have a listen and enjoy both versions 🙂  This is my first time using a poll!!! I would love for you all to participate.

Music Monday: Sam Cooke

Today’s choice was Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang”.  This song brings me back to my childhood and all of the house parties I would go to with my parents. This song was definitely one that would be played and we had no issue with it.  As children I think we really liked making the grunting sounds haha.  Just thought I would be nostalgic and share this song with you today.  Enjoy! If you would like to send me some song recommendations, I would absolutely appreciate it.